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A study of 3,400 shelter residents in domestic violence programs across eight states found that housing is one of the main needs identified by survivors at the time of shelter entry; 84% participants reported that they needed help with finding affordable housing.Survivors have reported that if a domestic violence shelter did not exist, the consequences for them would be dire: homelessness, serious losses including loss of their children, actions taken in desperation, or continued abuse or death. Homeless in Minnesota, 2003, 22; Center for Impact Research (2004).I hope these (or something like them) become mainstream to a point where I don’t feel like I have to qualify my engagement to confused dates and acquaintances.“I guess what I’m saying is that I feel validated in my engagement.

In August, we conducted an informal online survey of more than 200 Third Culture Kids. The majority of those in a relationship have been dating someone for at least five years. When asked if they would stay in their current city two years from now, seventy percent of respondents said no or not sure.

The majority of respondents were female, with the average age being 29. When we asked about five years from now, the number jumped to 92 percent.

The typical Third Culture Kid has moved at least once by their 5th birthday, and will move at least four times in their life. And what do they most frequently say when asked “Where are you from?

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Dating statistics snapshot of a boston single