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The dating sites themselves also have a more religious feel to them by offering such unique features as prayer forums.There are many Religious dating sites to choose from.1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 STRUCTURE 1.1.1 DEMARCATION 1.1.2 PROCESS 2 CULTURAL FUNDAMENTALS 2.1 DEFINITION OF CULTURE 2.2 DIMENSIONS OF CULTURE 2.2.1 INDIVIDUALISM INDEX 2.3 CULTURAL INFLUENCE ON COMMUNICATION 2.4 CULTURAL PERSPECTIVE ON LOVE AND MARRIAGE 3 ONLINE DATING - AN OVERVIEW 3.1 DESCRIPTION/DESCRIPTION 3.2 TYPES OF ONLINE DATING 4 EMPIRICAL RESEARCH OF SELECTED ONLINE DATING MARKETS 4.1 METHODOLOGY 4.2 USA 4.2.1 CHARACTERISTICS OF AMERICAN CULTURE 4.2.2 DATING IN USA 4.2.3 EHARMONY A profile Prices and Service 4.3 GERMANY 4.3.1 CHARACTERISTICS OF GERMAN CULTURE 4.3.2 DATING IN GERMANY 4.3.3 PARSHIP A profile Prices and Service 4.4 INDIA 4.4.1 CHARACTERISTICS OF INDIAN CULTURE 4.4.2 DATING IN INDIA 4.4.3 SHAADI A profile Prices and Services 4.5 JAPAN 4.5.1 CHARACTERISTICS OF THE JAPANESE CULTURE 4.5.2 DATING IN JAPAN 4.5.3 O-NET profile Prices and Services 5 FINDINGS 5.1 SIMILARITIES 5.2 DIFFERENCES 6 CONCLUSION SOURCES APPENDIX Fig. ways of communication in online dating, marketing of online dating providers, design of website user interface, website content, etc. A cross-cultural comparison within online dating also means having the choice between various points of view: e.g.Now apply this logic to the dating game: how can you stand out in a bar?

The company, which raised lots of cash last year, strikes a good balance between providing free services like search versus paid ones like chat.

But after quizzing my caring suitors, I discovered it wasn't my helplessness that attracted them, it was simply that my injury was the ice-breaker.

'Your sling was the in,' remarked (somewhat cheesily) one of my dates, Scott.

Even if we leave ourfamily, community and our nation we never fully leave their cultures behind”. Kamalipour ) In today’s society, the Internet and its possibilities have had an increasing influence in our daily life.

And what we learnto value in these cultural environments stays with us for life.