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'The commission stresses that publication or republication of these data...could be a criminal offence.'Mr Macron announced Russian hackers launched a 'massive and coordinated' bid to destabilise his campaign at 1.56 pm, just four minutes before a ban on media reports liable to affect the presidential race. said that several of its leaders had their emails hacked last week but the attackers bundled them with fake emails and delayed posting them for maximum effect.Both candidates and French national media were not allowed by law from midnight last night to discuss the presidential campaign until after the electorate has voted.Macron's campaign team says it put in place servers protected by sophisticated software filters, recommended the use of several encrypted messaging and cellphone networks, and required triple authentication to access emails.Nine gigabytes of data were posted by a user called EMLEAKS to Pastebin, an anonymous document-sharing site, four minutes before the legal prohibition on campaigning was put in place.The election commission, which supervises the electoral process, warned media outlets not to publish the emails to ensure they do not influence the vote.