Imvu turns into sex chat

First my computer was fried by search protect then imvu said it was not in their software.

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A mother has gone missing after becoming obsessed with a 3D virtual world on an internet chat site.

Annemarie Squires has not been seen for three weeks after leaving her home without warning. Hang out, chat and have fun in thousands of animated rooms. ’ Miss Squires’ sisters believe she could have met someone online and decided to leave her old life behind and are desperate to hear from her.

89-24-didnt show 23-body contortion (these are creepy) 22-wave hi 21-lean as if on wall.(makes me turn into what looks like a flat mallet after a while.

it's annoying have to reapply avatar) 20-makes arm go inside body when crossed behind or in front. (If your already a boy then it won't work.) *use 80.