Least intimidating

Adam joined the US Marine Corps and was assigned to Weapons Company, 1st Battalion, 1st Marines as an 81mm mortar man.

‘September 11 happened and all my friends were like “Let’s join the military!

In honor of his newest comedy, "Dirty Grandpa," we've ranked his 17 most (and least) intimidating roles.

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The two-time Oscar winner has played a variety of roles in his 70-odd movies over the past 40 years, but the films we remember best are the ones where he terrified the hell out of us -- or made us laugh our asses off.

Despite this obvious requirement of a military uniform, so many country’s armies look like complete plums.

Now I know our Beefeaters aren’t exactly terrifying but they’re not a patch on the following fellas.

On this occasion Beatrice dressed to dazzle and intimidate one of her own sex.

In his private mind he judged Urquhart of trying to intimidate him.