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When we first heard that Canon was going to release an updated version of the lens we were pretty darn excited.The Mark II was a fantastic piece of glass, but struggled in terms of corner sharpness and control of chromatic aberration along the edges and in the corners of the frame.Then I did several coats of Krylon gloss white spray paint. You have to apply this clear finish within an hour of spray painting your last coat of paint or 48 hours.

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After all the sense of accomplishment brought by a well-chosen, completed series is similar to reaching a mountain top, with the exhilarating view feeding our very soul. And what an era, from the volcanic eruption of personal freedom on thru to the beehive-like inventiveness of the industrial revolution and the first shots across the bow of colonialism. Even a well circulated early coin of modest value represents the aspirations and struggles of our ancestors.So when I sprayed the clear coat on them, a few places crackled like you can see below.You can’t tell unless you are closely examining it, but maybe one day I will sand it and repair the damage.You won’t see this part because the lampshade will over it. Highly recommend spray priming anything metal, glass, ceramic, any kind of smooth surface.I did several light coats of Krylon white primer until it was covered.