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The new-look mobile app started rolling out today, and Skype for desktop will be upgraded later this summer.

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You can pick your own colourful theme, and the user interface is much more modern-looking, putting it in line with popular messaging services like Whats App and Messenger.In addition, Rod Humble (ex-CEO of Second Life’s Linden Lab, ex-SVP at EA on The Sims, and now GM at SGN Games) was most recently Chief Creative Officer at Pullstring, and was brought on to build Jessie.I don’t think anyone could assemble a stronger team to build the future of character-based bots. She responds almost as if she’s a close friend, asking you for your opinion on how she should spend her day, whether she should abandon a friend who she’s promised to help move, and updates you when she has to step away to order a latte.It has been revealed that Microsoft is developing a work chat app under the Skype brand.Called Skype Teams, the new service may look familiar to Slack users, with channels and direct messaging, but it will offer ‘Threaded Conversation’ that mimics Facebook Comments Slack (pictured) is a cloud-based tool that focuses on helping teams communicate better.