The bixby liquidating trust

Ranch Company owns substantial real estate holdings and had commenced development of this property through long-term projects.

Upon the last occasion of a shareholder's death, however, an outsider did bid for the shares offered for sale by the estate.

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The extensive collection of Edmond Cornelius van Diest consists of papers, letters, reports, pamphlets, ledgers & journals, deeds, stocks, publications, addresses, bound copy books and maps & drawings. These range from mining, real estate, investments, politics, ranching, public service & manufacturing companies, the Chamber of Commerce, the Kiwanis, child welfare, tax reform, Colorado College, Colorado Springs & Colorado Springs Clubs, the Palmer Memorial, the San Luis Valley (The Trinchera and Costilla Estates, mining, family, etc.), and much more. Preliminary Report Callahan Project El Paso County, Colo. Report on Stark Ranch w/ * 4 photos & 6 negatives 11.

The collection covers the variety of personal interests, business & engineering matters, civic & personal affairs of E. The bound copy books are copies of letters written by van Diest. Report on Callahan Project El Paso County, Colo., March 1910 6.

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