Utah penal code dating

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The defendant in this example could be charged with possession of alcohol by a minor.

The officer has not used overly-compelling methods of inducement.

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In nearly two thirds (64.5%) of cases in which a gun was present in a household shared by a domestic abuser and victim, the abuser had used the firearm against the victim, usually threatening to shoot or kill her.The Utah Constitution was drafted by delegates to the 1895 constitutional convention and ratified 5 November 1895 by a popular vote of 31,305 to 7,607.The proclamation of the President of the United States announcing the result of the election and admitting Utah to the Union as a state was issued 4 January 1896.If the officer’s conduct merely provides the defendant with the opportunity to commit a crime, then the elements of entrapment are not established.Consider the following hypothetical example: An undercover police officer sees an 18-year-old person at a party where alcohol is being served. " The 18-year-old subject (who has a history of frequent underage drinking) readily accepts the offer.