Validating pre post test

This is when things will get interesting, as Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals decide just how far they’re willing to go.

An update to the labour laws was included in Wynne’s throne speech following the 2014 election, with the hope of addressing the growing problem of precarious work. Michael Mitchell, a long-time labour lawyer, and John Murray, a former Superior Court judge) acknowledge there’s no set definition of what exactly counts as precarious work.

I wonder which method results in the stronger results statistically speaking or if they are no difference in the end as arithmetically I will get to the same answer?The rating scale will be 1-5 (strongly disagree to strongly agree) pr 1-4 (removing middle option).My question relates to the need in pairing each pre- and post- answer to the same student?For nearly two years, a potentially transformative review of Ontario’s labour laws has been underway by two experts in the field.Within days, they will hand their final recommendations to the government.